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By: Alan Dempster
Director of BD Wealth Management. 
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Head in the Sand

Isn’t it funny that we accept that, at a wiser age, even if we are
feeling fine, a regular medical check is a good thing?  We have no
toothache, yet the dentist will encourage us to visit regularly just to
be reassured -sometimes as often as every six months. For our
children, we talk to their teachers because we want to know how our
offspring are doing - not just on paper in their report cards - but
eyeball to eyeball with those entrusted with their future
development.  These activities are motivated by the need to avoid
possible future pain by the taking of corrective, proactive action
Financial advisors are largely perplexed that, for the vast majority of
people, this same attitude is not prevalent when it comes to an
individual and their money. For example, how surprising can it be to
the 40 year old, wanting to retire at 60, that he or she only has 240
pay days left to fund the rest of their lives without a salary? Avoiding
corrective action only guarantees future pain, which when you get
there is unresolvable.
Perhaps we could blame the lack of education - little is taught on the managing of personal finances in the schooling system - or, perhaps it is just that we have
got so used to hiding our financial affairs from our work colleagues, friends, spouses and even the tax man - that we have become the medical equivalent of
the bulimic, pretending we are okay, when we are in fact seriously ill.
Just as a good doctor wants healthy patients, but has to deal with the challenges of aging, accidents, and the environment, so the financial advisor has to work
in changing personal, economic and political environments. The good advisor will want to manage their client to achieve the best possible financial position
throughout their lifetime, through a process that ensures protection as the family grows and saves for hopes and contingencies all within the confines of
today’s budget and living needs. “Putting your head in the sand” by ignoring your financial health can only lead to missed financial goals and their unavoidable
painful consequence.
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