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BD Wealth Management has built success and reputation by governing all that is done on four cornerstone principals; namely being professional, ethical, profitable and fun. Based on these solid principals those that work with BD Wealth Management enjoy in the success of company and their clients.

If you reflect the above traits and are interested in working in a dynamic, challenging environment, for a company that recognizes and rewards individual creativity, promotes teamwork, you are certainly in the right place to explore a career with BD Wealth Management
BD Wealth Management brings the observances of the highly regulated western financial market place to clients.  Many of our clients are living and working in hostile or developing environments where the local laws and regulations are not always in line with those customary to the expatriate or the local wanting the peace of mind that comes from being exposed to a mature financial market. Regardless of the local laws, BD Wealth Management insists on working to the highest international standards.

All BD Wealth Management advisors are qualified by external examination,  undergo in-house training on joining, and are involved in continuous professional development to achieve our renowned high self-imposed standards.

By running innovating IT systems which mean we run virtually paperless (we do not have a filing cabinet in our offices), our advisors are always able to service clients no matter where the client or the advisor maybe located. The advisor is further supported by an excellent administration unit, proactive marketing and ongoing and regular mentoring.
BD Wealth Management holds to four core principals in the way it conducts business.  This differentiates us from others in the industry and is visible to our customers, vendors and colleagues. We believe we should hold to highest Professional standards, that as a responsible company we need to ensure our longevity by being Profitable whilst, never compromising our Ethics and making what we do is Fun - so that to work with and for BD Wealth Management is a pleasure.
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