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No cover in force unless confirmed by underwriters.
The Products A&B:
• Life cover • Life cover with Personal Accident Rider •  Personal Accident (stand-alone)
• Income Protection (B only)

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•24/7 365 
•Up to $400,000 with no medical exams required 
•Quote in under 1 minute, apply in less than 5 minutes
•Extremely competitive rates
•no hidden loadings!
•Available in GB£, US Dollars or Euros 
•Entry age of 18 to 69
•Annual / Semi Annual /Monthly payments 
•Complete after sales care available to all policyholders

Online Requirements

When you want life cover - see "Online Cover" please be aware of the following:

1. Medical underwriting initially by Life Proposal Form including proof of address;
2. Full details of Assured;
3. Travel anticipated for next 12 months- destinations, durations, frequency & duties;
4. Verification, assessment and justification of the suggested Life sum insured;
5. Location details within each country;
6. Full details of occupations, and duties;
7. Security arrangements, if any;
8. All claims are subject to proof of salary/earnings

Q:"I've got Death-in-Service cover. Is that enough?"

Many employees benefit from free ‘death in service’ cover through their employer.  It'll pay out a multiple of your salary, usually around four times, while you are an employee.  Sometimes they have rules such as: death needs to occur at work or be linked to your job, but regardless, it’s not a good idea to rely on this cover as your only life insurance.

You'll probably change jobs at some point and your next employer might not offer it.  If you've had any significant health problems in the interim, you may find it expensive or impossible to arrange your own cover.  The younger and healthier you are, the cheaper and easier it is to get cover.

Q:"Should I Speak to an Advisor?"

If you need life insurance, you shouldn't buy on a whim. A BD Wealth Management advisor can help you work out how much to leave and how to reduce the costs so that this amount is affordable.
In addition each insurer has its own rules so it’s worth speaking to an advisor, who will know which insurers will get you the best rates.
It may be beneficial to write the policy in trust so that any money is ring fenced from your estate.  This means the money can't be claimed by your creditors; it also won't be liable for inheritance tax, as it never becomes part of your estate; and as it isn't part of a will, it can be paid quickly.
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It makes sense to make sure your family doesn't suffer financially and
that any debts (like mortgages) are paid off if you die. Life insurance can
provide financial security for you and your loved ones. It can be designed
to pay when you die, if you die within a
certain period, to be increasing or decreasing.
These plans can be combined with others to
provide the very best protection and value for
money. Talk to us to find out the best plan
for you.