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Expats leave home for a number of reasons but a prime one is the hope of finding themselves  in a better financial situation by working abroad. Sadly and all too often, these same people do not take advantage of their position and simply because they didn't take advice  they often return to their home country with little more than memories and  sometimes with less net worth (no pension, no home, no savings)  then if they had stayed and worked at home. It is very easy trap to fall into and can have devastating long term consequences.
Nevertheless, if you are serious about your financial future, by working with BD Wealth Management. we can help you maximise your expatriate status. Even saving a small amount can make a difference. Therefore, no matter what stage of your life you are at; be you just embarking on your first post abroad or be you a veteran expatriate looking forward to retirement in the not too distant future, contact us today and ensure that you receive the vital health check that many expatriates miss out on.

Advantages of regular savings include tax efficient savings and investment vehicles, access to top fund managers, enhanced returns, multi-currency holdings, confidentiality, international portability and the highest levels of investor protection. Here at BD Wealth Management we take our client’s savings seriously and for their security we only use institutions based in secure locations such as Jersey, Guernsey, Dublin, Isle of Man, Malta, Luxemburg and others.
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